Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Ten Magical Ways to Get a Grip!

We've been flooded with requests for help – specifically, for magical ways to "get a grip" in life. Whether it's Hurricane Katrina wreaking havoc, unexpected deaths in the family, or just general chaos, we thought this would be a good time to put out some quickie magical "fixes" that you can use any time you need to bail yourself out of a tricky situation.

Here's our Top 10 List:

#1: Stay in Present Time
There's no time like the present. To drag yourself out of either the past or the future, look at yourself in the mirror and give yourself this command in a powerful voice: "Come to present time!" This snaps you back into the present moment, where you can exercise the most power.

#2: Stop Obsessing
If your mind has jumped on the hamster wheel and is going around in circles, a few drops of White Chestnut flower essence will work wonders. White Chestnuts calms the mind and quiets repetitive thoughts. Add 4 drops to spring water and sip continuously for an all-day effect.

#3: Bring in Sun Energy

The light of the sun nourishes your Spirit. To bring the sunlight into a focused presence indoors, burn a sun candle (either a bright yellow candle or a candle with a sun image on it). For a more detailed ritual, send a blank email to mailto:suncandle@shamanschool.com.

#4: Switch Hands
Sometimes you need to switch hands to switch your focus. Choose something you normally do with your dominant hand and do it with your other hand for the day. For instance, if you normally open doors with your right hand, start using your left hand. This forces you to be present to yourself and causes you to have an interval of consciousness in an otherwise mechanical day.

#5: Swing Your Worries Away
Sometimes a little action is called for. If you're in a sticky situation and you can't find an exit, use your pendulum to clear the air. Find a quiet place and sit in the south facing north. Begin swinging your pendulum in a clockwise direction. Allow the pendulum to continue swinging until it stops naturally – it will stop swinging your situation has cleared. Then wait patiently for a door to open.

#6: Ask and Ye Shall Receive
If you're not sure what forces are behind your sticky situation, do a question circle to find out. A question circle gives you answers from four different perspectives – thought, action, feeling, and manifestation. For details on how to do a question circle, send a blank email to mailto:fourdirections@shamanschool.com.

#7: Don't Forget to Breathe
Your body will keep breathing regardless of whether you are paying attention or not, but taking the time to do some conscious breathing will open up a space in your life where the Universe can assist you. It's impossible for you to get "caught up" in a situation when you breathe consciously. Take a few minutes to find a quiet place and do some deep breathing. It will oxygenate your body, occupy your mind, and free your Spirit to clearly communicate with the Universe.

#8: Rescue Yourself
One of our all-time favorites is the Bach Flower Remedy called Rescue Remedy. It's a unique combination of five flower essences that will restore a sense of peace and stability in any situation. It works for mental, spiritual, and physical trauma. Rescue Remedy is also called Five Flower Essence and is available in most health food stores.

#9: Feel Your Body
No matter where your mind travels, your body stays in present time. If you're having trouble staying in the now, anchor yourself by becoming aware of a specific part of your body. For instance, notice the back of your left hand – feel a slight warmth or tingling or weight there. Now stay in touch with that sensation as you do other activities. You'll stay in your body and in the now, which will go a long way toward clearing up any messy life situation.

#10: Be Powerful
There's nothing like an act of power to get you back on track. How do you do an act of power? Simple. Decide what you're going to do and when. When the time arrives, do it! For instance, you might decide to get up out of your chair in 2 minutes and do a yoga stretch. When the time arrives, get up and just do it. It's the quickest way we know to restore personal power.

#11: Bonus Tip – Hire an Angel

There are hundreds of thousands of unemployed angels just waiting to help you – just ask. Request an angel that specializes in what you need (like a parking angel), ask for what you want (be specific about time, place, amount, etc.) and thank your angel in advance. Then, when you get what you want, thank them again. It's as simple as that!

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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Increasing Your Psychic Abilities

We are all psychic. It's a fact.

Psychic abilities are the birthright of every citizen on this planet--we just forget to use those abilities on a regular basis so they grow weak. If you want to increase your psychic abilities, all you have to do is practice (and it's simpler than you think).

If you've tried various methods to increase your psychic abilities but they haven't worked, don't despair. One of the keys to success in developing these abilities is learning to ignore the outcome. Just practice your abilities and don't worry about whether you're "right" or not.

A simple way to get started with your practice is to begin accessing information that you can't possibly know through your five senses. Begin asking yourself these kinds of questions everyday, and listen for the answer. For instance, before you walk into a movie theater, ask yourself, "How many people will already be in the theater when I walk in?" Go with the first answer you get and don't question it. Thank yourself for the answer. Now here's the key: when you walk into the theater, don't bother counting the number of people. Act as if you never asked yourself that question.

If you walk into a mall, you might mentally pick out a store and ask yourself, "What's the highest discount they are offering today?" You can also ask questions like, "What's the most interesting thing I will see today in the mall?" or "Will I meet anyone I know today in the mall?" Again, the key is not to put your attention on verifying your answer. Just keep asking the question, receiving the first answer you get, thanking yourself for the answer, and ignoring the rest.

Over time, you will unavoidably begin noticing the "correctness" of your answers. You can't help but notice that you've picked out the highest discount a store is offering or that you actually did meet someone you know in the mall. If you really avoid verifying your answers, you'll be more open to what your psychic abilities tell you (rather than hearing all your own doubtful mind chatter). You will begin to notice how "right on" your abilities are--if you can actually avoid verification of your answers early on in the process.

The "art of ignoring" or selective perception is one of the key principles in magic and in developing your psychic abilities. Remember, you're accessing information in another realm, so you have to learn to focus your attention in that realm. Putting your attention solely on asking and receiving is the key. Good luck and, most of all, have fun with this!

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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

How To Choose Even When You Have No Choice

When we look at our lives many of us often feel like we have very little choice. We have to work, meet family obligations, and attend to the daily chores of "making a living." This lack of choice often makes us feel helpless and disempowered. We feel that we are not in control of our own lives.

The good news is that there's a simple way to regain our personal power. It's called "choosing even when you have no choice." Consider going to work, for instance. Most of us have to work to earn an income for basic needs, and while we might have the freedom to change jobs, we don't really have the choice to not work. So how can we choose in this situation where we have no choice?

Pick a segment of your day at work (could be as little as 15 minutes and no more than one hour) during which you will experiment with choices and personal power. Now make a choice about something for that segment. If you have some freedom in your work, choose what you will do during that segment. Decide precisely when you will start, exactly what you will achieve, and when you will stop. When the time comes, start your chosen work and end whenever you've chosen. It's important to end at the chosen time--the ending is just as important as the starting point.

If you don't have the freedom to choose what you'll do, then choose something internal to focus on. For instance, you might choose to focus only on thoughts that put a smile on your face or work with a smile on your face. You might choose to be aware of the sensations in your right hand while you work. You might choose to see how much work you can complete in 15 minutes. You might choose to take off one earring or one sock during that segment. It doesn't matter what you choose or how trivial it might seem. The key is that YOU'VE chosen it.

Why does choosing in a situation where you have no choice make a difference? Because any intentional choice is an act of personal power, and will increase your personal power. The more acts of power you do, the more personal power you will gain. The more personal power you have, the less you'll feel trapped by daily life. Just remember that you can do acts of power in any situation, no matter how little freedom you appear to have.


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