Thursday, March 28, 2013

Healing Magic: Simple Powerful Flower Essence Recipes

Are you ready for some healing magic to recover from the tough year 2012? If you survived the chaotic year 2012, congratulations, many people didn't and chose to leave the planet. Others had a great year, but many more had a very rough time and took a lot of physical "hits" and are now looking for magical recovery and healing magic. In our Energy Healing for Self and Others ebook, one of the topics covered is flower essences and how to make them. Here we will give you a few flower essence remedies that are helping people recover from the year 2012.

A Few Things About Flower Essences
Before looking at individual remedies, there are a few things to know about how flower essences work as healing magic. Flower essences provide emotional and transformational support, but do not have the power to change you. Only you can do that. They give support to ease the discomfort or pain that sometimes make change too difficult. Flower essences give us the use of vibrational frequencies and qualities of the plant used in making them. They are especially useful in helping to heal our non-physical or subtle bodies.

Remedies As Healing Magic
Star of Bethlehem – can be used to open the healing fields for any kind of trauma. The gift it brings from its source plant is that it comforts all traumas.

Elm – can be used for grounding when overwhelmed with present events or an overall sense of well-being when overwhelmed. The gift it brings is feeling capable, responsible and able to cope well with change.

Honeysuckle – can be used for an overall sense of well-being when your energies are depleted or grounding when finding yourself sulking and giving up or exhausted. The gift it brings is support during loss, and replenishing depleted energies.

These are just a few of the flower essences that can be used in healing magic. To learn more about flower essences, take a look at our Energy Healing for Self and Others ebook in the school store.
To see how to make your own flower essences check out our article HERE. There are many more that can be used for conditions such as loneliness, despair, emotional cleansing, fear, uncertainty and many more. Making your own flower essences allows you to connect with the source plant and honor it for sharing its healing properties and make your formula more individualized to yourself. Formulas can vary from person to person, and your formula can change as you change. Making your own flower essences instead of buying a pre-made one gives you the edge with making the changes you need to personalize it.

Whether you are recovering from a difficult last year, facing personal difficulties this year or going through a period of transformation within yourself, flower essences are a great way to tap into the healing magic of plants and develop a relationship with them from a perspective of we are One together in nature with them.

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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Improve Your Psychic Abilities with the Perimeter Game

Using your psychic abilities allows you to gather information that is not directly available to the five senses. Divination techniques are part of using the psychic abilities and allow us to discover influences, energies and probability lines active in our lives so that we can more accurately and knowingly exert control in our own lives. Remember though that when exploring the future it is not set or pre-destined and divination shows you the probabilities of what will happen based on the assumption that the current influences are not changed. Any change in the present will change the future. That is why divination and using our psychic abilities are so useful. Don't like what you see coming? Make a change and the future changes.

One of the exercises taught in our Psychic Development ebook that can help with increasing your psychic abilities is an exercise we call the Psychic Perimeter Game. This exercise helps develop your psychic abilities by giving you practice at shutting off one of your five senses so you can concentrate on receiving psychic information around you.

Here's how to play.
  • Set up a 10 to 20 foot energetic or psychic perimeter around yourself in a public place by closing your eyes and imagining an energy circle around you. 
  • Keep your eyes closed and tell yourself to "notice" whenever someone steps inside your circle.
  • When you sense someone has entered your circle, open your eyes to confirm it. 
  • When you are getting accurate results, gradually increase the size of your circle.
Going to a noisy place to practice this exercise will also help take your sense of hearing out of the equation. Don't worry if you aren't getting perfect results in the beginning. Just like when learning any new skill, developing your psychic abilities takes practice. The more you practice, the more sensitive your psychic abilities will become. One of the keys to success in developing your psychic abilities is learning to ignore the outcome. Just practice your abilities and don't worry about whether you are right or not. The "art of ignoring" or selective perception is one of the key principles in magic and in developing your psychic abilities. You are accessing information in another realm, so you have to learn to focus your attention in that realm. That takes practice, just like learning to speak a new language takes practice.

Try this exercise out for yourself, keep it light and enjoy the process. For lots more exercises on developing your psychic abilities, look for our Psychic Development ebook in the school store. There are people who are naturally gifted in the area of psychic abilities, but for most people the difference between people who are psychic and people who are not is often just a matter of practice.

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Thursday, March 21, 2013

How to Learn Magic by Asking for a Sign

While discovering how to learn magic, many people find asking for a sign helps get them through the wait time. For example if you are attempting to manifest something and hit an obstacle or unexpected roadblock it can be difficult to keep a positive attitude and really know that what you are creating is coming to you. We talk about this in our Daily Rituals for Attracting What You Want in Life ebook and cover various techniques for getting answers and guidance from higher powers. The Universe is always willing to help us and sometimes a positive sign from the Universe helps keep us upbeat and cheerful and give us the reassurance we need while waiting for our manifestation to appear.

Here is one of the simple techniques covered in the ebook you can do to ask the Universe for a sign.
  • First thing in the morning, sit quietly in meditation for a few moments to clear your mind and connect with your spirit.
  • Sit and breathe for 3 minutes if you are not comfortable with meditation.
  • Then ask the Universe to show you a positive sign today that what you desire is coming to you.
  • State that you'd like the sign to be something you can easily recognize.
  • Thank the Universe in advance for its help (it is good spiritual practice to give thanks before receiving).
Now go about your day. Be watching for anything that might be the sign, stay alert. The sign might come as a piece of conversation, a gorgeous rainbow, an unexpected source of money, lyrics in a song, an unexpected pleasurable phone call or in thousands of other ways. The sign doesn't have to be big, it just has to mean something positive to you. Once you see something that you recognize as a positive sign, be sure to immediately thank the Universe again for its help.

If at the end of the day you have not recognized a sign, take some time to sit quietly and review the day. Think about events that happened and become very curious about the sign. The Universe never fails to send a sign, but we may fail to consciously recognize it. Since your mind records everything, you may be able to find the sign by going back through your memories of the day.

If you still don't find the sign after going back and reviewing your day, thank the Universe for sending a sign and ask for another sign tomorrow. Ask this time that the Universe make it even clearer. Keep this process going until you receive your sign. We've never seen it take longer than 3 days for someone to get a sign that they are able to recognize.

This simple ritual is often full of surprises and a great one to add to your exercises for how to learn magic. It starts you communicating with the Universe and higher powers, helps you establish a relationship with higher powers, gives you insight on your awareness and perceptions, is a great way to make decisions or give indications of directions to take in your life, and many other skills that are useful to a magical practitioner. This ritual is definitely one that can show you how magic not only has a practical application in life and can give you greater insight into yourself, but also is lots of fun.

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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

How to Do Voodoo: The Tools You Will Need

In our How to Do Voodoo ebook, you will learn a lot about this esoteric branch of magic which first emerged from Africa. There are many things that voodoo magic is uniquely suited for. For example, you can use it for protection, self-defense, and to attract desired situations into your life. You can even use two voodoo dolls and a wand in a ritual to stop two gossiping people from talking to each other or do the reverse and bring two people who refuse to speak with each other back into conversation.

Voodoo dolls are what most people think of when they think about how to do voodoo. The use of voodoo dolls has become well-known in popular culture mostly through movies, books and television. Through these mediums, voodoo has quite often been portrayed as a dark, mysterious, and often morbid tradition. Actually, voodoo is simply a West African religion, also known as Vodun, Vodoun, Vodou, Vudu, and Voudou. The practices include much more than the use of dolls. They also involve circle rituals, dancing, singing, drumming, and ancestor worship. A voodoo doll is simply a simulacrum or an object that is a likeness of something. In voodoo or simulacra magic you can affect a person without being in physical contact with them by choosing an object that resembles the person and making a psychic connection between the object and the person. The Law of Similarity dictates that the greater the likeness, the greater the psychic connection, which make photographs a good choice in many instances.

Besides simulacra, there are other tools needed when learning how to do voodoo. Here is a list for the beginning practitioner.
  • firebowl with sage, pine resin, charcoal burner disks and paper or wooden matches.
  • Sun Yellow Candle
  • Wisdom and Protection candles (taper candles of Sun Yellow, white or sky blue color)
  • keyed Wand (Air Tool)
  • keyed Athame (Fire Tool)
  • keyed Chalice (Water Tool)
  • keyed Plate or Pantacle (Earth Tool)
  • keyed and well-trained pendulum
  • aluminum foil and scotch tape (for protective voodoo magic)
  • Book of Shadows (to record all your voodoo actions and spells, in case you need to take them back down)
Many of these tools you will be able to find easily or get online and are not expensive. Others you will make yourself such as with the Wand. The How To Do Voodoo ebook covers all you need to know about gathering these tools and/or making and keying them if you don't already have them, so no worries there. Learning how to do voodoo or simulacra magic can give you a variety of useful techniques and magical skills to add to your treasure chest of magical knowledge. As always, enjoy the magic!

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Thursday, March 14, 2013

Tarot Card Meanings: Not What You Think

You can throw away the book that comes with the Tarot deck; the Tarot is a small mini-version of the Universe so knowing the real tarot card meanings is important. For example, the Death card does not mean physical death. You also many times have to look at the entire line in a reading to get the tarot card meanings instead of just looking at each individual card. For example if you have a line with Moon to Temperance to Star in a reading it is giving you a description of a path of spiritual growth. Knowing the lower level of a particular card or the next higher level can also give you information even if you just see the individual card in a reading. Here are a few examples of tarot card meanings you can get by exploring the cards instead of just reading the "book" description and how looking at the flow lines and understanding the meanings of the higher or lower octave of a card can give you extra information in a reading.

Traditionally in magical and mystical circles, death represents a major, usually sudden, unexpected ending and beginning. This is along the lines of when one door closes, another one opens. It's not just an ending, but an ending which becomes a new beginning. Although it usually applies to something unexpected, it can also apply to something expected. It can be making a real positive shift or a real negative one, depending on how it shows up in the reading layout, but either way, it is a major happening in the spiritual realm, to the being as a spirit. It may or may not affect the physical level, but definitely works on the principle that all endings are beginnings and all beginnings come from endings. The Death card represents transformation and changes of cycles.

Physical death would show up in a Tarot reading possibly as the Ace of Discs reversed second carded by Tower or Sun reversed second carded by Death. The upright Death card could be interpreted as how you deal with change, whether you see change as positive or negative, how comfortable you are with change or your ability to complete cycles. Understanding principles of "As above, so below" would also come under the Death card as would the law of signatures, things that represent things, seeing the equivalency of things. It also could be referring to knowing when to let go, walk away, not repeating the same things over and over again, understanding the cycles and what they are showing you, in other words – "getting the lesson".

The Moon card represents the beginning of the spiritual journey. It shows a spiritual being, crawling out of the sea of emotion and embarking on the middle way spiritually. At this level, you can either begin spiritual progress or fall back into emotionalism. It is not a straight and narrow path but rather one that zig zags. The Moon card speaks of transformation of the emotions from lower levels of passion and greed and neediness to a higher level of compassion and understanding. At this level beings are more open and able to give from the heart, without expectations and manipulation. The Moon card showing up in a reading could indicate that a being has crawled out of turbulent or chaotic emotion, the living in drama, and embarking on the "middle road" in regards to the Tree of Life. The road ahead will have many perils as the being must face his issues and confront his fears, let go of self-absorption and crave something higher. It is the beginning of the journey for example when someone knows there is something higher but not sure what it is. It is the beginning of being open to intuition, the heart, all the water characteristics and letting go of expectations and manipulation.

Temperance deals with the idea of balance being maintained. In the card, he is walking the tight-wire and you notice that his balance is internal. He has his emotions in balance and they are being held in place by a combination of intellect, will and feeling. He has to be constantly focused to keep that balance and make small motions to adjust, just as the guy walking the tight-wire in a circus. A certain level of self-observation and vigilance is implied and not from a place of apprehension, but a desire for something higher and the wish to be impeccable. He has to really pay attention and concentrate on what he is doing. This is the next step above the Moon card, mid-way up the spiritual pathway. Maintaining balance requires a lot of use of the will and constant alertness, it is not a natural state yet. The Temperance card represents a level at which constant choices are being made on a spiritual path. It's a spiritual choice card similar to the Two of Discs and Three of Swords on the mundane level.

One of the laws of Tarot says that a small change in the present produces a larger change in the future. When we are at the level of Temperance and walking the tightrope, we are making small adjustments, which produce larger changes in the future. Acts of power are ruled by Temperance as are attention or holding of intention. You have to let go of something lower to gain dominion over something higher. Willingness is important here.

The Star
The Star card is another issue of balance and is a step above Temperance. This card however refers to a person who has attained a point of spirituality where the balance is automatic. He does not have to pay the same kind of attention now as when walking the tight-wire as he is at a higher place inside. As a spiritual being, he is now in balance and this is reflected out into his external world. The Star is a balance card where conscious attention has now been acquired through past efforts and the balance is maintained as a part of the process of inner work. The effort and attention that were needed in Temperance are not needed here. The spiritual path has become a central part of the person's being, there is more of a sense of relaxation in efforts made. This card implies a huge level of spiritual attainment, the balance is much easier and instead of it being an internal issue, it is a radiative issue in that he is definitely affecting the outer world a lot. This card shows the beginning of true flow of manifestation. It is the point where we can start to project what we have to guide others.

So the next time you work with Tarot cards, really examine the cards and listen to what they have to say. Just taking the literal meaning from a book can often lead to misinterpretations and lead to disappointing readings. You can learn more about tarot card meanings and doing readings using Tarot cards in our Tarot Homestudy Course.

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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

How to Make Your Own Divination Rods

Divination rods are a great magical tool to add to your magical toolkit. Divination rods, also known as dowsing rods, can be used for divinations such as for finding lost objects, healing or to change the energy around circumstances and events. As a divination tool, these rods can help obtain information by psychic or magical means that is not readily available to the five senses of the body.

One type of divination rod is simple to make from household materials. This type is called an L-rod. The other popular type of dowsing or divination rods are a Y shaped wooden rod. You may be most familiar with these as being used to find water by people called water witches or dowsers. Below are the instructions on how to construct your own L-rods to use as divination rods.

Divination Rod Construction
To make your own L-rods, follow these simple steps:

1. Gather your materials: a coat hanger made completely of metal (no cardboard pieces), a drinking straw, a measuring tape, scissors and wire-cutting pliers.

2. Use the pliers to cut the curved top part of the hanger just below the twisted section of wire (this will require two bends).

3. Now measure the longest section of the metal piece and mark the halfway point.

4. Use your pliers to snip the hanger where you made your mark. Now you have two pieces of wire, each with a bend.

5. Reshape each piece of wire so that each wire has a 90 degree bend.

6. Take one of the metal pieces and measure both lengths of metal on either side of the curve. Snip both the short and long lengths so that the long length is three times as long as the short length. For instance, if the short length is 3" then the long length should be 9".

7. Do the same for the other rod.

8. Using the scissors, snip a piece from the drinking straw so that the straw is slightly shorter than the short side of the rod.

9. Slide the drinking straw over the short side of the rod, then use the pliers to bend the end of the rod so that the straw can't slide off. The straw allows you to hold the rod while allowing it to swing freely.

10. Repeat the process with the other rod.

Congratulations. You now have your own pair of homemade divination rods! The next step is to train your divination rods.

Training Your Dowsing Rods
Like all magical tools, for your divination rods to be most effective, you need to personalize and "train" them to work for you. The process is simple - much simpler than keying other magical tools like the Wand or the Athame.

To train your divination rods, take a regular sheet of white paper and draw a large X that takes up the entire page. Place the page in the center of an open area of you house.

Now step away from the paper and stand at least five feet away, facing the X. Hold one divination rod in each hand, angling your hands so that the rods point straight ahead of you.

While remaining standing still, command your divination rods: "Find the X!" Keep your mind focused on finding the X as you walk toward the X on the ground. Carefully keep your hands neutral and don't try to control the process. As you walk closer to the X, the ends of your rods should begin to move towards each other. They should cross each other as you walk over the X. As you walk away from the X, the rods should move away from each other again.

Don't worry if your rods don't "find" the X at first. Remember, this exercise is meant to help you train your divination rods. Just keep practicing this exercise, approaching the X from different angles until you see results.

To learn about other exercises and uses for your divination rods as well as other divination methods, get our Psychic Development Ebook.  And above all, enjoy the magic!

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Thursday, March 7, 2013

Healing Magic - Moving Energy For Pain Relief

There are several healing magic techniques that can be used for pain relief. Whether we are dealing with an injury, illness or an emotional pain there is a healing magic technique that can help with pain relief. In our Daily Rituals for Getting What You Want in Life ebook, we discuss several healing magic techniques to deal with pain. Here's an easy one for beginner's to use.

Moving Energy for Pain Relief
Sometimes physical pain and discomfort is the result of stuck or stagnant energy in the body. Our energy can get stuck because of a sedentary lifestyle, old injuries, stress, resentments...the list goes on. In short, we can have stuck energy as a result of everyday events and situations, which results in physical pain. The real question is, what can we do about it?

One of the best and easiest ways to clear energy blockages and get your energy moving freely again is to do this simple healing magic ritual taught in many metaphysical traditions. Here's how:

1. Get in a comfortable position and close your eyes.

2. Relax and breathe for a few moments.

3. Begin by noticing feelings or sensations in your left hand. Some people experience a feeling of warmth or tingling. The sensation may be different for you. It doesn't matter so long as you are aware of sensation in your left hand.

4. Gently move that sensation up your left arm, across your back, down your right arm, and onto your right hand.

5. Now reverse the movement and move the sensation along the same path from your right hand back to your left hand.

6. Now put the sensation on your left foot, and move it up your left leg, across your waist, down your right leg and onto your right foot.

7. Now reverse the movement and move the sensation along the same path from your right leg back to your left leg.

8. Finally, put the sensation at the base of your spine and move that sensation slowly up your spine to the top of your head.

9. Keeping that sensation there, say aloud, "I am."

10. Release your attention from the sensation at the top of your head. Relax and breathe deeply for a few minutes. Open your eyes.

Doing this healing magic ritual on a regular basis will keep your body free of most energy blockages, and will have a clam, soothing effect on your spirit.

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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Spells and Magic: What Happens When the Rubber Meets the Road? Rules of the Road

When it comes to spells and magic, nothing that we teach is more important than Rules of the Road--the rules that govern esoteric practices. Rules of the Road are the universal laws that will affect any practitioner of spells and magic, regardless of whether that practitioner knows about the rules or not. That's why the first, middle, and last thing we teach in the Esoteric School are the Rules of the Road. Not sure about these rules? Check out the version created by George Dew, one of our greatest teachers, HERE.

When the Rubber Meets the Road -- Stage One
Safety is the most important factor when we teach people about spells and magic. Hence, we stress the Rules of the Road over and over, ad nauseam (just ask some of our students!). So what happens when "the rubber meets the road," so to speak, at first? As a new practitioner of spells and magic, what happens first is that you practice the Rules of the Road exactly as given. This keeps you safe and prevents any negative "side effects" or "karma" from bouncing back to you.

For some practitioners, learning Rules of the Road requires that they print out a copy and read them over and over again. For other practitioners, being safe according to Universal law means using only spells and magic that have been created according to the Rules of the Road. For more advanced practitioners, following Universal laws means checking new spells or rituals against Rules of the Road before performing these spells or rituals.

You'll have to decide for yourself the kind of role that Rules of the Road will play in your magical practice. For instance, you have to decide whether Rules of the Road are true ... and whether you would rather be safe or risk negative side effects to find out. That's stage one.

When the Rubber Meets the Road -- Stage Two
Then there is stage two, in which you codify your own Rules of the Road. In other words, the "road," as defined by the Rules of the Road, is a pretty wide road. The Rules of the Road define the very external boundaries you don't want to cross in your practice of spells and magic. But on that very wide road, there is quite a bit of latitude. In the second--or more advanced--stage of your magical practice, you may want to define a more specific or tighter set of rules for your own practice. This may include specific interpretations of the general Rules of the Road, based on your direct observation and experience. Or you may wish to include rules that are meant more for daily practice or everyday use--something not covered in the broader Rules. Still other practitioners may include rules that only apply to specific areas of spellwork and magic, such as the use, keying, and protection of objects used in simulacra (or Voodoo) magic. See the Voodoo Ebook for more details on this practice.

The key in stage two is to define rules that are appropriate and specific to your more advanced magical practice. Don't worry, these rules will continue to grow, evolve, and change as you do. You will keep adding, modifying, and perhaps changing these rules, and that is exactly what you should do. The difference between a priest and a magician is that a priest merely performs rituals while a magician performs and creates them. So as you continue to create and grow in your practice, your own personal Rules of the Road should change to accommodate. Just be aware of this as you deepen your knowledge of spells and magic so that you can be aware of when and where your own personal Rules need to change.

As always, enjoy the magic!

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